About Us

Dreams Points offers a wide range of outsourcing services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies, and designing high-quality and scalable solutions by Emails, Chats, and Calls.

Your customers will be contacting an environment perfectly tuned to ensure the right services at the right time to increase business results, loyalty, and repurchasing. At Dreams Points you will find the power of technology leveraging human actions, perfectly combining security and privacy, to help you show your customers that you really care.

Our team of Consultants understands that you can be perplexed due to the astounding number of service providers in India. Also, you might have apprehensions and queries related to the genuineness of the BPO services, the security of your data, and the price of services here. Therefore, our team performs due diligence and scrutinizes the service provider thoroughly. To verify the credentials of a firm, we perform

  • Quality Audit.

  • Performance Audit.

  • Software Audit.

  • Infrastructure Audit.

Today We live in a globalized world. Distance has been conquered with information and communication technology. Even if the world is not totally flat yet, it is flatter than it was ever before. And in this level playing field, opportunities are galore for the one who have gumption and competence.

Indian Call Center and BPO industry emerged in the early twenty-first century. Multi-national companies of developed countries brought their operations to India, purely to drive efficiency. The Indian industry trumped all other players in the fray with its large pool of intellectual capital, human resource, and IT infrastructure. Today Indian entrepreneurs are spurring the growth story of this industry. It has made India synonymous with offshore call center services and the country commands a maximum share of offshore business.

We Provide A To Z Services Related To Call Centre

  •  We deal with people who wanted to make a booming business in BPO,s and we will setup your dream call centre for you.

  •  We also deal with the existing call center's looking for genuine processes.

  •  We have been in this business for the past 1 year.

  •  We offer call center processes to both new and existing call centers throughout the globe, we have helped nearly 12 individual's throughout India to set up new international and domestic call centers successfully, with minimum cost, and successfully outsourced 10 inbound processes. 50 outbound processes respectively.